Frankton-Lapel Community Schools

The Frankton Lapel Community Schools (FLCS) website exists to inform the community about and to engage it in our joint mission to provide a quality education to all children. We use the site to publish as much information about FLCS as possible and to enhance communication between the district and community. Your privacy is important to us. Please take a moment to become familiar with our privacy statement.


The corporation website is hosted and managed by FLCS Technology Department. Both Jr/Sr high schools sites are maintained by students in the web classes. Both Elementary schools sites are maintained by teachers.

Gathering of Your Personal Information
FLCS does not gather personal information about any of our visitors.

Links to Other Sites
The FLCS site links to many web resources considered educationally valuable. Each school may also choose to link to external sites, but these sites must have an educational purpose. 

Our site does not directly solicit or collect information from children. If a child wishes to share information via a form, we recommend that he/she obtain parent permission and that the parent supervise the activity. 

Our site does encrypt for both InformationNOW and LunchBox. e~Funds for Schools provides their own encryption.

Contact Information
As the site evolves, FLCS may update this privacy statement. We will note the change on our home page to alert you to the modifications.

Upcoming Events

  • March 23 - Waiver Day
  • March 24-27 - eLearning Day
  • March 30-April 2 - Waiver Days
  • April 3 - No School
  • April 6-10 - Spring Break
  • April 13 - eLearning Day
  • April 14 - Waiver Day
  • April 15 - eLearning Day
  • April 16 - Waiver Day
  • April 17 - eLearning Day
  • April 20 - eLearning Day
  • April 21 - Waiver Day
  • April 22 - eLearning Day
  • April 23 - Waiver Day
  • April 24 - eLearning Day
  • April 27 - eLearning Day
  • April 28 - Waiver Day
  • April 29 - eLearning Day
  • April 30 - Waiver Day
  • May 1 - eLearning Day
  • May 15 - Flex Day
  • May 22 - Last Day for Students
  • May 26 - Teacher Records Day