Frankton Jr./Sr. High School | 610 Clyde Street | Frankton, IN 46044
Phone: (765) 754-7879 | Fax: (765) 754-8594

School Characteristics

Frankton Jr./Sr. High School, founded in 1989, is a six-year comprehensive school which provides a public and progressive education for its students. The school is located 30 miles northeast of Indianapolis, in Madison County. Frankton is a rural community of approximately 1,500 people. The junior/senior high school enrollment is approximately 750 students.

School System

Frankton Jr/Sr/ High School is part of the Frankton-Lapel Community School Corporation which includes Lapel High School, Lapel Middle School, Lapel Elementary School, and Frankton Jr./Sr. High Schools. The district is affiliated with the Ebbert and Hinds Career Center and the Hamilton-Boone-Madison Special Education Cooperative.

Administrative Staff

Sterling Boles

Chief Operating Officer:
John Willis

Chief Learning Officer:
Wendy Smedley

Brett Sanders

Assistant Principals: 
Jim Morehead
Jason Stecher

Athletic Director: 
Brent Brobston

Academic Advisor: 
Jesse Pruitt

Jennifer Zabel