Pre-K Information

Dear Families and Friends,

Thank you for choosing Lapel Elementary Pre-K. Here are a few things that are important to know about our program.

Our Focus:
This program focuses on curriculum to get your child ready for kindergarten, and the daily routines of a classroom. We work on pre-reading skills and math skills needed for kindergarten success. Our goal is to give them the base knowledge they need to be successful in kindergarten and throughout their elementary experience.

Morning Drop off Procedures:

  • Before care students are walked to the classroom by a before care staff member.

  • Bus Pre-K students are dismissed from the bus first. Pre-K teachers will be at the entrance doors to meet students and walk to class for the first few weeks of school. Students will be encouraged to walk to the classroom on their own as they feel comfortable.

  • Car riders will follow the drop off procedures and students will walk down the side walk to meet their teacher at the entrance doors with the bus students.

Your child may purchase a school lunch or bring their lunch. Please let your child's teacher know if they bring a lunch from home but will need milk from the cafeteria, this will be billed to their lunch account. You will receive the lunch menu for the entire year to determine the days that your child will be bringing their lunch or paying for a school lunch tray. If purchasing school lunches please place the money in an envelope with your child's name, and the amount of money on the outside of the envelope and place in the 3 ring pencil pouch in your child's folder. Our scheduled lunch time is approximately 11-11:30 am. If you plan to join your child for lunch you will need to send in a note with your student indicating if you are purchasing a lunch tray. The cafeteria will need a head count to prepare enough food for the day. All visitors must stop by the office to sign in and get a visitor pass.

Quiet Time:
Every day, after lunch, we will have quiet rest time for about an hour. During this time your child may take a nap or lay quietly to rest. Students must remain quiet and on their rest mats at this time. We ask that you send in a beach towel or small blanket for this time. Blankets will remain in their cubby for the week and be sent home on Friday to be laundered and returned on Monday. A labeled individual mat is provided for each student. Please do not send pillows or toys for this time.

Change of Clothes:
Please send in weather appropriate clothes that can stay in the classroom. We do lots of messy crafts and accidents happen. We ask that you place the clothes in a large zip lock bag with your students first and last name on the outside of the bag.

We will have snack each afternoon. We ask that you help provide snacks for the entire class. There are approximately 20 children in each preschool classroom. We do have access to an oven and refrigerator. We also ask that if you provide a snack such as pudding, you provide plastic utensils as well. Additional information will be provided if food allergies are present in the classroom.

Bathroom Procedures:
Wiping can be a difficult task for children; however, for our safety and theirs, we are not allowed to wipe them. If your child has problems with this, please work with them at home.

Half Day Pre-K:
Half day kids will be picked up at 11:30 am on the sidewalk in front of the doors that lead to the office (main elementary entrance). You can pull up along the curb and student will be walked out wither buy the aide or the teacher.

Dismissal: 2:50 PM

  • Aftercare – students are walked to the LGI room by the classroom aide. Aftercare pick-up is located back by the tennis courts. If you drive back towards the football field and track, you can see where you can park and pick up your child.

  • Bus- Bus students are dismissed earlier that other students to allow them extra time to walk to their bus and be seated before other children are dismissed. Bus drives generally have pre k students sit in the front few seats for better supervision. Your child's teacher will walk with students and send them to the appropriate school bus.

  • Car pick up- students will walk down the long side walk and you can meet then at the end of the sidewalk. The drop off lane in front of the middle school is closed to traffic during dismissal for safety purposes. You will have to park in the middle school parking lot and walk up to meet your child. Your child's teacher will walk down the sidewalk with bus riders and car riders and meet you at the end of the sidewalk.

  • Any changes to dismissal must be written in the form of a note and sent with your student. Place all important communication in the 3 ring pencil pouch in your child's folder.

Assessment / Evaluation:
We will be testing your child and sending home report cards three times within the school year. Fall, winter, and spring.

Parent / Teacher conferences:
We do have parent / teacher conferences in October. We will discuss your child's assessment and any other items we feel need to be discussed. If you have any questions or concerns, please let your child's teacher know at this time.

Medical concerns:
Please let your child's teacher know if there are any health concerns or allergies that may affect your child. It is important that we know these things for your child's safety.

Birthdays and Holidays:
Preschoolers always love to celebrate! Class parties and celebrations will be up the individual teacher. Please contact your child's teacher to discuss any birthday celebrations. Individual teachers will let you know what special events are planned via weekly newsletters. Be sure to sign up to volunteer for these celebrations!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child's education!
The Lapel Pre-K team, Ms. Carpenter, Mrs. Vibbert, and Mrs. Freer-Fry