Discipline Policy

Please see the attached file below. Feel free to print the form out and or copy/paste to send to the office.

The staff at Lapel Elementary School believes every student should have the opportunity to learn skills and values that are necessary for personal development and positive educational environment where all students learning needs are being met. To achieve this goal it is necessary for students to behave in a safe, orderly way to create an effective learning environment.

Every student has the right to learn and be safe, and no one has the right to interrupt learning or make others feel unsafe.

Outlined below is Lapel Elementary Progressive Discipline Plan that stipulates behaviors that will not be allowed at school. Also outlined are the possible consequences of engaging in such behaviors. Staff members will utilize their classroom management system and will give verbal warnings prior to progress through the consequences. These lists are meant to be representative but not necessarily inclusive. Additional specific policies are defined in the student handbook and corporation handbook. Our staff will use our P.A.W.S. program to re-teach behavioral expectations in our building. Below is the suggested sequence of action for LES:

Offense Behavior Type Consequence
1st A, B, or C Verbal Warning/Teacher Assigned
2nd A, B, or C Teacher Assigned
3rd A, B, or C Teacher Assigned/Contact Parents
4th A, B, C, or D Referral to Office
5th A, B, C, or D Referral to Office

After each offense, a Positive Behavior Support Tracking Form will be filled out. After the 4th offense of the same minor behavior(s), the teacher will submit to the office all PBST forms of the offenses. For all major behavior events, a PBS form should be filled out and immediately sent to the office. Major behavioral events are defined as any type D, E, or F behaviors. All PBS forms will be kept in the office records. An administrator will provide a follow-up copy of the action taken to the teacher and parent(s). A parent and or guardian will be contacted when an administrator takes action for an offense.